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11Pcs Fitness Gym Resistance Bands Set

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Gender: Unisex
Use: Home, Outdoor, Office, Fit Room
Exercise Chest Muscles: Strengthens Chest Muscles
Arm Training: Strengthens Arm Muscles
Exercise Thighs: Strengthens Thighs Muscles
Calf Exercise: Strengthens Calf Muscles
Fitness: 11Pcs Resistance Bands
Yellow Bands: 10lbs
Green Bands: 15lbs
Red Bands: 20lbs
Blue Bands: 25lbs
Black Bands: 30lbs

Package List

Resistcance Bands*5 / Ankle Strap*2 / Handled*2 / Door Anchor*1 / Travel Carry Bag*1

Resistance Levels:Yellow(10lbs),Green(15lbs),Red(20lbs),Blue(25lb),Black(30lbs)

Safe and Secure Door Anchor

How to use Strap Ankle

Step1: Bind belt to the ankle

Step2: Set the Buckle Strap